Liner Replacement

Whether you are looking to replace your current pool liner because it's faded or developed a leak or because you just want to give your backyard a face lift, we are here for you.

You can take a look at our gallery of liner patterns for options, but keep in mind that seeing a pattern on the computer screen (or even holding a cut-out sample in your hands) is somewhat different from looking at the installed liner through your a pool filled with water. Should you want a second opinion on your replacement liner, our aesthetics consulting staff will gladly help you!

In order to provide you with an approximate quote, we will need to know the dimensions of your pool and the desired type of liner.

Unfortunately, the exact price of a liner replacement can only be determined after one of our technicians professionally measures your pool because there are many factors involved that cannot be gauged with a perfunctory measurement, such as the wall-to-floor curvature. Even then there might be unforeseen costs if the concrete under your existing liner requires major repairs (we will fix minor faults for free!), so any estimate before the liner replacement job begins is subject to change.

If you are not ready to commit to liner replacement, you can order our no-obligation liner measurement service and one of our technicians will come to measure your liner and provide you with a quote. Should you decide to order a liner replacement from us later, we will deduct the measurement fee you paid from your liner replacement cost, making the measurement effectively free!

For details on the process of liner replacement, see our Liner Installation page.