Liner Installation

Liner installation begins with the measurement of your pool. Since each pool is different size and shape and liners are custom-fit, precise measurements are required every time. One of our professionals will measure your pool and your liner will be produced to fit without any flaws.

Removing the old liner

While the new liner is being manufactured, your pool must be fully drained and the old liner (if you had one) must be removed and disposed of. If the condition of your old liner necessitates special disposal methods (for example, if there is heavy molding), you will be charged an additional disposal fee.

Verifying the pool's structural integrity

After your old liner is removed, the concrete floor and walls of your pools will be exposed and we always take this opportunity to do an inspection for any damage, as most faults and cracks are invisible under a liner until they become too severe. Quite frequently the concrete will require minor repairs and we do take care of these free of charge. If we spot anything major, we will bring it to your attention. Ensuring your pool's floor and walls are in good condition is critical before installation of a new liner and as such, these repairs are mandatory.

Installing the new vinyl liner

Once your pool is repaired or verified to be in suitable condition, the new liner can be installed along with new gaskets and faceplates for all fittings, including your main drain, skimmers, return and vacuum line. For more information on how liners work, see "What is a Pool Liner"