Why choose a vinyl liner over a concrete or tiled pool?

Vinyl Pool Liners are a great choice all-around if you want a luxurious-looking custom pool in your backyard. Our inground pool liners are made of superior quality vinyl and come in a variety of patterns, all of which are designed to make your pool look beautiful. They can be custom-fit to a pool of any shape or size and are backed by a 20 to 25 year manufacturer's warranty. 

If you're tired of your pool's old look and want to give it a face lift, there are dozens of liner patterns you can choose from!

Liners are safer

Tiles can crack or break, leaving sharp edges which could potentially cut your feet. Concrete pools are rough to the touch. Vinyl pool liners are perfectly smooth and there is no chance of ever getting jagged edges or scratched feet in a lined pool.

Liners are durable

With bleach-resistant inks and UV inhibitors a good liner will last in your pool just as long as tiles without losing their colour and vibrance.

Liners require less maintenance

If you're using a liner, you don't need to drain your pool for winter. In fact, liners are designed in such a way as to cling to the walls and the bottom of your pool under water (or ice) pressure, so draining your pool would actually be the worst thing you can do! (Learn more about how liners work.) Most modern liners also have algae inhibitors, meaning your pool will need to be cleaned less often.

Take a look at our gallery of liner patterns and take a plunge into a brand new pool this season with a liner from Premium Pool.